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More Men Seeking Treatment for Varicose Veins

In recent years, doctors have reportedly seen a noticeable increase in the number of men seeking these surgeries. As a matter of fact, varicose vein procedures have become so quick and easy, that many men are using their lunch hour to go in for treat... Continue Reading


Is There an Easier Way to Seal Off Varicose Veins?

At their worst, varicose veins can cause a number of medical problems from minor pain and irritation all the way up to potentially life-threatening embolisms. Due to these complications, it's important to have varicose veins removed, but patients som... Continue Reading


Superglue Can Help Treat Varicose Veins

You’ve probably used superglue to knit together or repair all types of items around your house. Now there’s another use for this powerful paste – although it is of the “don’t try this at home” variety. Full Article


Varicose Veins: Who is at Risk and Why

Those purple-blue, swollen veins on the lower legs or other parts of the body are known as varicose veins. Once you turn 50, you’ve got a 50 percent chance of eventually developing these knotty, corded-looking veins. Full Article


Achy, Heavy Legs May Indicate Vein Problems

If you have varicose veins and your legs often feel achy and heavy, go to a doctor. You might suffer from the vein disorder known as chronic venous insufficiency or “leaky” veins. While varicose veins contribute to the problem, they are not the cause... Continue Reading


Avoid Surgery with Noninvasive Varicose Vein Treatments

Getting rid of your unsightly varicose veins doesn’t mean you must undergo surgery, or deal with its scarring aftereffects. Full Article


How Do Varicose Veins Form? And How Can You Get Rid of Them?

Varicose veins are one of the most common cosmetic issues on the planet. According to some estimates, as many as 60% of adults around the world suffer from some type of venous insufficiency, either in the form of varicose veins or spider veins. Full Article


Dealing with Painful Varicose Veins

For most people, varicose veins are more unsightly than anything else. For some folks, varicose veins are more than ugly – they hurt. Fortunately, treatment is available. No one has to suffer from painful varicose veins. Full Article


Benefits of Sclerotherapy for Varicose Vein Sufferers

Your varicose veins aren’t just unsightly – they might hurt. Although there are various techniques available for getting rid of this gnarly veins, an oldie but goodie remains one of the best ways to eradicate these ugly blood vessels. Full Article


Do You Struggle with Leg Cramps or Pain?

Do you struggle with leg cramps or pain? If so, you could be a candidate for vein treatment! Full Article


Vein Treatment for Men

Do your leg cramps or pain get in the way of your workouts or other everyday activities? Whether you are experiencing nightly cramps or pain that affects your day to day life, you are probably a good candidate for vein treatment! Full Article


Why Get Varicose Vein Treatment In The Winter?

There's no better time to seek treatment than in the winter so your legs have lots of time to heal before it warms up again. Full Article


Staying Active During The Winter Months

Don't let the winter months get the best of you! Staying active in the winter is important for your health. Full Article


How Does Cold Weather Impact Your Veins?

Cold weather can impact vein disease. Learn about the positive and negative impacts that winter has on varicose and spider veins. Full Article


What is the Best Way to Get Rid of Spider Veins?

With summertime fast approaching, you're probably ready to spend some time down at the beach or lounging out by the pool. Unfortunately, unsightly spider veins can leave you feeling uncomfortable showing off your skin. Full Article


Treating and Avoiding Spider Veins

Like it or not, you're likely going to develop spider veins – or their more serious relatives, varicose veins – at some point in your life. According to the most recent numbers, more than 50% of women and 45% of men suffer from these unsightly veins ... Continue Reading


Four Treatment Options for Varicose Veins

It's estimated that as many as 60% of Americans suffer from spider veins or enlarged varicose veins. Although this problem is incredibly common, medical experts are yet to agree on one surefire solution, as the effectiveness of the different treatmen... Continue Reading


Four Common Myths About Varicose Veins

By some estimates, more than 35% of adults in the United States suffer from varicose veins. These enlarged, unsightly veins typically affect the legs, but they can crop up on other parts of the body as well, leading to discoloration, pain, swelling a... Continue Reading


What Causes Spider and Varicose Veins?

It’s summertime, and clothing is revealing. If you suffer from spider or varicose veins, you probably don’t want to reveal your legs with shorts, bathing suits and short summer dresses. Both types of veins result from blocked or leaking valves within... Continue Reading


Treat Vein Conditions Early for Best Results

If you’ve developed varicose veins, treat them as early as possible. Left untreated, varicose veins can ulcerate, bleed or cause other complications. Most varicose vein procedures are done on an outpatient basis, and are minimally invasive. Full Article


Varicose Veins: Affecting both Men and Women Worldwide

Did you know that as many as 45% of men will experience varicose veins at some point in their lives? Unfortunately, the number one cause of varicose veins in both men and women is family history. If your mom or grandmother had varicose veins, you are... Continue Reading


Even Stars Develop Varicose Veins

You’re sensitive about your varicose veins, and might take pains to hide them. Perhaps it’s been a long time since you’ve gone bare-legged in shorts or a dress. Full Article


New Laser Treatment Works Wonders on Vascular and Skin Conditions

Across the United States, millions of people suffer from a variety of different vascular and skin conditions that impact their appearance. Whether they have broken blood vessels in their faces, patches of discolored skin, spider veins in their legs o... Continue Reading


New Report Shows Growth Potential for Varicose Vein Treatment Devices in the United States

Varicose veins are among of the most common medical conditions in the United States. At present, experts approximate that roughly 4.5% of the population, more than 12 million adults, suffer from varicose veins or spider veins. Even more shocking is t... Continue Reading


Is The Newest Varicose Vein Treatment Better Than The Alternatives?

Now that summer is here, you probably want to show off some skin, either at the pool, the beach or just when you're out and about. Unfortunately, if you're one of the tens of millions of people who suffer from varicose veins, you might naturally be s... Continue Reading


What is the Best Way to Get Rid of Varicose Veins?

If you have varicose veins, you probably want them gone. These unsightly, gnarled veins that rise up beneath the surface of the skin are eyesores, and they can cause pain and irritation as well. Full Article


Are Varicose Veins Ruining Your Active Lifestyle?

Remaining active throughout your life is the best way to ensure that you remain as healthy. Full Article


Market for Varicose Vein Treatments to Expand in Next Decade

Varicose veins are one of the most common medical issues in the United States and around the world. Full Article


Getting Rid of Facial Thread Veins

You’re probably familiar with spider veins, which generally appear on the legs. Thread veins are similar, and they are the equivalent of spider veins on the face. Full Article


Self-Help for Varicose Veins

If you hate your varicose veins but the issue is primarily cosmetic, there are ways to treat them on your own rather than undergo surgical removal. However, if your veins cause you pain it’s important that you visit a doctor rather than try home reme... Continue Reading


How to Deal with Varicose and Spider Veins

Odds are you’re going to have to deal with varicose or spider veins at some point in your life. According to the most recent statistics, these troublesome veins affect roughly half the population over the age of 50. Full Article


Women and Varicose Vein Issues

Varicose veins affect women more often than men, and part of that is the result of changes during pregnancy. While the majority of men suffering from varicose veins are over 50, many women with the condition are still in their childbearing years. Full Article


What Happens After Getting Vein Treatment?

Vein disease affects a startling number of people around the globe. Full Article


New Laser Treatment Helps Varicose Veins

Not long ago, if you suffered from varicose veins and conservative treatment – compression stockings, exercise – didn’t help, the alternatives involved some difficulty. Full Article


Does Coffee Affect Varicose Veins?

Coffee, or any form of caffeine, constricts blood vessels. It causes blood pressure to rise. Does your morning cup of coffee aggravate varicose veins? Full Article


Three Frequently Asked Questions About Varicose Veins

If you suffer from vein problems, you're far from alone. In fact, chronic venous disease is one of the most common afflictions in the United States, with nearly half of the adult population experiencing symptoms of some kind. Full Article


Varithena – A Chemical Foam to Treat Varicose Veins

If you’re suffering from extremely large varicose veins, there’s a new treatment available that can eradicate that unsightly, bulging mass. Full Article


What is the Best Way to Treat Varicose Veins?

Treatment for varicose veins has come a long way in recent years. In the days of yore, the only real option was to surgically remove the affected vein. Full Article


Market for Varicose Vein Treatments Predicted to Expand in Coming Years

If you’re hoping to keep your legs looking flawless for the rest of your life, then the odds are not in your favor. Full Article


Suffering from Varicose Veins? Consider Laser Ablation

Did you know that more than 35% of the adult population suffers from varicose veins? Full Article


Preventing Deep Vein Thrombosis

Deep vein thrombosis may not be the most talked about medical issue, but it's certainly one that deserves your attention. In the most basic sense, a deep vein thrombosis, or DVT, is a blood clot that forms inside of a vein deep within your body, ofte... Continue Reading


How to Fight Against Varicose and Spider Veins

With the U.S. population aging, vein issues are becoming more of a concern. Full Article


What You Need to Know About Sclerotherapy Treatment for Varicose Veins

You’ve scheduled the appointment to rid yourself of those unsightly varicose veins. While you’re glad to get rid of those bulging, possibly painful, veins, it’s important to know just how sclerotherapy works and what to expect. Full Article


Are Cardiovascular Drugs a Solution for Preventing Blood Clots?

Although they may not get as much attention as some other medical issues, blood clots are seriously dangerous business, and they're more common than you may think. Full Article


Ultrasound Varicose Vein Treatment

Currently, varicose vein treatment is a relatively simple procedure generally done on an outpatient basis. Full Article


Spider Vein Removal Booming

The spider vein removal market is booming, and is expected to continue its robust growth. While the red, purple or blue spider veins are harmless, they’re unsightly. Full Article


The Future of Vein Treatment 2017 Scholarship – Vein Treatment Forum

The field of vein treatment has come a long way in the past five years, and we are looking forward to the next five. To help facilitate your college path in pre-med, Vein Treatment Forum is pleased to offer one general pre-med undergraduate student a... Continue Reading


Preventing Varicose Veins During Pregnancy

Varicose veins generally affect older people – with one big exception. Pregnant women often develop these unsightly veins during gestation. Full Article


Diagnosing and Treating Deep Vein Thrombosis

Blood clots pose a silent yet serious health concern. One of the most common types of blood clots forms in the veins of the leg and is called a deep vein thrombosis, or DVT. Full Article


Untreated Varicose Veins Can Lead to Serious Problems

For most people, gnarly varicose veins are just unsightly. For some individuals, however, varicose veins can lead to life-threatening issues. Full Article


Vein Disease is Treatable: Ask Your Doctor About Unsightly Veins

If your bulging, gnarly varicose veins are causing discomfort, or if you make wardrobe decisions based on hiding them from view, it’s time to see a doctor. Full Article


Early Signs of Varicose Veins and How to Prevent Them

No one wants gnarly, ugly varicose veins to develop on their legs. Not only are they unsightly – goodbye shorts or mini-dresses – but they can prove dangerous. Full Article


Unique Operation is the Key to Eliminating Varicose Veins in the Stomach

When we think about varicose veins, we typically think about the gnarled veins that appear in the legs. Full Article


Three Ways for Getting Rid of Spider Veins

Those purple or red spider veins on your legs, thighs or rear end don’t hurt, but they are unsightly. Some people develop these web-like veins on their face, especially as they age. Full Article


The Causes of Varicose Veins – and How to Prevent Them

Varicose veins are so common in older people that you may think there’s no way to avoid them. That’s not the case, but the key to preventing varicose veins starts early. Varicose veins result when veins weaken. Full Article


Who Should You Trust to Treat Your Varicose Veins?

In recent years, doctors around the country have been trying to expand their practices by offering more services. Full Article


Genetics Play a Large Role in Varicose Vein Development

Your parents and grandparents are responsible for the skin, eye and hair color you inherited. They are also the unwitting culprits for certain diseases or conditions you must deal with, and varicose veins may fall into that category. Full Article


New Treatments for Deep Vein Thrombosis

People with varicose veins are at increased risk for deep vein thrombosis (DVT), potentially fatal blood clots forming in the deep veins of the legs or arms. Full Article


5 Things You Should Know About Varicose Veins

If you're suffering from varicose veins, then you should know you're far from alone. According to recent numbers, nearly half of the adults in the United States over the age of 50 have varicose veins. Full Article


Six Causes of Varicose Veins

Let's face it, varicose veins are annoying. They seemingly form out of nowhere, and they can cause pain, swelling, numbness and make it highly embarrassing to show off your legs in public. Full Article


Market for Varicose Vein Treatment Expected to Grow

In the last decade, treatment for varicose veins has become major business. Thanks to new innovations in the practice, more and more consumers are lining up to have their varicose veins safely and easily removed. Full Article


Getting Rid of Varicose Veins

Sooner or later, almost everyone will find some spider veins on their legs or thighs. Full Article


High-Tech Varicose Vein Treatment Makes Removal Easy

People suffering from severe varicose veins used to have to endure a fairly complicated surgery known as vein stripping, which required general anesthesia. Full Article


Preventing Varicose Veins

If you’re afflicted with varicose veins, wearing shorts, skirts and anything that reveals your legs is probably a thing of the past. Full Article


Varicose Veins and the Dangers of Flying

When you think about the dangers of flying, the fear of crashing or a terrorist attack probably springs to mind first. Full Article


Procedures Help Varicose Veins

While varicose veins are a common condition, for most people they are more of a nuisance than a serious disease. Full Article


Herbal Remedies for Varicose Veins

If you suffer from varicose veins, you likely already know the benefits of wearing compression stockings, taking regular walks and keeping your feet up as much as possible. While practical and important, these are far from the only home remedies to h... Continue Reading


Chronic Venous Insufficiency

Chronic venous insufficiency results when valves are blocked, and blood no longer flows freely from the legs to the heart. Full Article


Why Winter is the Best Time for Varicose Vein Treatment

If you’re bothered by large, unsightly varicose veins, now is the best time to seek treatment. Why? Post-treatment, doctors recommend wearing compression stockings for several months. Full Article


Varicose Vein Treatment Expected to Grow Significantly by 2024

Within the next six years, the varicose vein treatment market is expected to grow by more than 7 percent. Full Article


Myths About Varicose Veins and Their Treatment

Nobody likes varicose veins, but many people put up with these unsightly enlarged veins because they think they’ll have to pay for treatment out of pocket or think the treatment and recovery process is long and involved. Full Article


Treating Varicose Veins is Now Easier Than Ever Before

If you suffer from varicose veins, then you probably know they're not just a cosmetic problem. Sure, the enlarged, discolored veins can be an eyesore, preventing you from showing off your legs in public, but these pesky veins cause a number of health... Continue Reading


Leg Ulcers and Varicose Veins

The overwhelming majority of leg ulcers are directly related to varicose veins. Problem valves in the veins permit blood to pool in the legs, resulting in swelling and pain. Full Article


Varicose Veins: Causes and Treatments

There is nothing at all redeeming about varicose veins. They're unsightly, they often cause discomfort, and in rare cases they can even lead to potentially serious health problems. Full Article


New Treatments Offer Easy Solutions for Varicose Veins

The number of varicose vein sufferers has been steadily climbing for years. Between the aging population and the growing incidence of obesity, more people are being diagnosed with varicose veins every year. Full Article


There's Still Time to Get Rid of Varicose Veins for Summer

It’s summertime, and more parts of the body are exposed than in any other season. If you suffer from unsightly varicose veins, you may be embarrassed to walk around in shorts, short skirts or bathing suits, knowing your bulging, gnarly veins are on d... Continue Reading


New Treatment Option for Varicose Veins Gaining Popularity

Nobody wants varicose veins. If they were only unsightly, that would be bad enough, but they can also be painful, cause itchiness, lead to a loss of sensation, and in extreme cases, they've even been known to produce blood clots, which could prove to... Continue Reading


Summer Heat Increases Varicose Vein Risks

Summer is always a tough time of year for varicose vein sufferers. On hot days, or at the beach or pool, those with varicose veins have to decide whether to expose their gnarled, unsightly veins or cover them with clothing that may leave them feeling... Continue Reading


How Do Doctors Diagnose Deep Vein Thrombosis?

DVT has been called a silent killer. These clots form inside the veins, and when they break away, they can become lodged in the lungs and cause an embolism, which is a potentially life-threatening condition. Full Article


Eliminating Unsightly Hand Veins

For those of us trying to look younger, hand veins are often a dead giveaway to our true age. Full Article


Post-Exercise Leg Pain Could Mean Bad News for Your Veins

Vein problems can be difficult to detect early. One of the most common symptoms, however, is leg pain during exercise. Full Article


Improve Your Veins with Exercise Now

Varicose veins are primarily an aesthetic concern for most people, but for some with enlarged, gnarly veins the issue is more serious. Full Article


Four Varicose Vein Myths That Need to Be Put to Rest

Varicose veins are a growing concern for people around the world. Since these unsightly veins are so common, there's a lot of information floating around about them. Full Article


How to deal with Varicose Veins during the summer

While the majority look forward to summer, those with varicose veins usually feel anything but excited when the summer months roll around. Many individuals are faced with choosing between exposing their veins or hiding them under clothing. Full Article



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