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What vein treatment is best for your condition?

1. How much research have you done into vein treatments?

Just getting started.

I've been looking at a few things on Google.

I've had an in-depth consultation and am looking for a treatment clinic.

2. Which of the following best describes your current vein issues?

Minor / Aesthetic - I have a few visible veins on my face, arms, or legs, but it doesn't have an impact on my health or day-to-day lifestyle.

Somewhere In the Middle - My veins are dark and noticeable, plus I'm beginning to experience occasional aches and heaviness.

Major / Medical - My issues include swelling, throbbing, muscle cramps, and/or discoloration in my legs, and it's affecting my mobility.

3. How much do you usually spend on aesthetic / medical treatments?

Up to $1,000. I have other bills to pay, so any treatment works for me.

$1,000 to $2,000. I'm a middle-of-the-road-type-of-person.

Over $2,000 / Whatever Insurance Covers - Let's do this the right way.

4. Are you willing to undergo surgery to resolve your vein issues?

No way! As soon as the scalpel comes out, I faint.

Maybe needles, but I'm only on-board with surgery if it's a medical necessity.

Absolutely! - Anything to help relieve my symptoms.

5. Do you have time for multiple treatments or an extended post-treatment recovery?

Nope - Not looking for anything serious, just an in-and-out visit.

Perhaps - If that's what it takes, but I'm not looking for a hassle.

Yes - I'm serious about getting this situation resolved.

6. Are you looking for permanent or long-lasting results?

Permanent. I don't want to go through this again.

Long-lasting. We'll try it and continue with the procedures as needed.

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