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Spider Vein Removal

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Spider veins are tiny, colored blood vessels underneath the skin's surface. They tend to be blue or purpleish-red in color and most commonly develop on the face and legs. Like varicose veins, spider veins are no longer functional, so there is no harm in their removal

The most common treatment for spider vein removal is Sclerotherapy, a non-surgical process that involves the use of a fine needle to inject a solution directly into the vein, causing it to collapse or turn white.

Laser technology is also used either by itself, or in combination with, sclerotherapy. Generally, laser technology is most effective in the disappearance of small and medium sized spider veins, as larger veins respond best to sclerotherapy.

During an initial consultation, your physician or nurse will determine which treatment is appropriate for your situation. Either method will begin to show results in 2-8 weeks and multiple sessions are usually necessary.

Reviews (9)

Spider Vein Removal
Rating: 5.0/5

Fantastic Vein Staff

The Annapolis vein staff was fantastic!

- .

Spider Vein Removal
Rating: 5.0/5

Spider Veins Are Finally Gone!

Very happy. I had spider veins after 2 kids and now they are gone.

- .

Spider Vein Removal
Rating: 5.0/5

Huge Difference in Spider Veins After Two Procedures

The registered nurse who did the procedure was excellent and after the first two procedures, I could see a huge difference. I just completed my third treatment. Yes, I would recommend the procedure to others.

- .

Spider Vein Removal
Rating: 5.0/5

Would Love to Give Facebook Shout-Out to Helpful Nurse

I would definitely recommend it. Such a bummer that I couldn't tag VCA on Facebook and Instagram to show the actual procedure. Again, would have loved to give a shout via Facebook to my awesome nurse who performed my service.

- .

Spider Vein Removal
Rating: 5.0/5

Definitely Recommend Dr. Harden and Sterling VCA

Sonographer was exceptional. Made me feel comfortable. Was always very pleasant and professional! Office Manager/Assistant Was very Pleasant and professional. Explained whole treatment and procedures. Made me feel comfortable about getting my treatment done in this clinic. Great office and staff! I would definitely recommend this location. Procedure was not as painful as I anticipated. Dr. Harden made me feel at ease while doing procedure. He informed me of every step he was doing. I would definitely recommend it and location.

- .


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